What’s in your sewing box?

sewing boxI was cleaning up my mess of a work table a few days ago because I got a new cutting mat that fit the whole space. You know how that goes, it can lead to a full day of cleaning and not just the big stuff but all the little stuff too. Which made me look at my sewing box. I seldom use it except for storage. It was funny to see all the stuff that seemed to make its way into to the box unintentionally.

I keep meaning to make some new garments for my Kish Riley, so there she sits with only her shoes on. I also have most of my embroidery scissors in this box. You can see the needle book I made while trying to come up with ideas. Mostly I don’t use this box, I keep most of my tools in a rolling artist draw set. The top is always stacked with the stuff I want to get out of my way. The rest of my most used tools are in a plastic basket and pencil cup.

Paper for patternmakingMy other favorite thing is my paper holder and paper. It is small being only about 18 inches. I got that from Uline in case you want one too. They come in many other widths. This white paper is far easier to draft patterns from scratch. Later when the pattern becomes a basic block, or the pieces are so small tracing around them it hard, I will put it on manilla which I buy from AtlasLevy.

Do you use a sewing box. Are you working in a sewing room? You can see one of my industrial swing machines in the background. I really need a bigger sewing room/studio. Mine is an attic space.