Venice Beach

This was a pattern I did for Marley Wentworth maybe 7 years ago. MarleyI took all my old patterns down when I rewrote my website and started over. I was more interested in my new BJD’s than my old fashion dolls. It’s taken a while but I have come around again to the fashion dolls. I reviewed a lot of the old Tyler patterns and put them up last year. I’m also working on my American Model patterns. Then I had a few requests for Marley, so I have been reviewing her old patterns and that’s when I redid Venice Beach for her. You can see her there on the right with the orange Georgette top and white linen capris.

LonnieThat was a really cute pattern but I didn’t have any cute pictures of it, so I had to remake the outfit. I don’t know what happened to the original one. This time I took the photos on Alice and not Marley. I guess I have always liked her face better. Anyway, while I was at it I made the same outfit for my Iplehouse KID, Lonnie doll. She looks precious in the blue and white stripe cotton top and denim capris. Then I thought BID also needed the outfit in her size. Well you know how it goes, BID Elin isn’t that much smaller than Leeann so she got the outfit in her size. Once I did that I realized that Narsha was almost the same size as Lonnie so why not make the pattern for her. I love how Narsha’s turned out in the red and white. She looks pretty wild in matching red hair. Narsha

So in the end, I made the pattern for 5 dolls. You’ll have to go to the website to see Leeann and BID.

I know Betsy is just giving me the cold stare  because she isn’t that much bigger than Narsha, and thinks every time I make Narsha a new outfit she gets one too!



You might be wondering about the name. I was inspired by Ralph Lauren for this look so the name seemed to make sense. I wanted to continue working with my Tonner dolls, and in particular my new Déjà Vu Julia. I love her pretty face and open mouth, she is smaller through the ribcage than Antoinette, but they do wear about the same size. Antoinette or ever Tyler’s patterns could be altered to fit her without too much effort.  Even so, I made two patterns one of Déjà Vu and the other for Antoinette. These 1920’s style town/hunt outfits include patterns for the jodhpurs, jacket, vest, shirt, tie and hat.

It was especially fun designing and sewing these. I took a lot of sewing pictures of the blouse. So you can see some of the steps which are really the same as I use for making my own shirts and blouses. It makes the process so much easier and the end product will look much more professional.

I used lightweight fabrics for all the pieces with the ties being made of a Georgette.  The jacket and jodhpurs were made in wool or a wool blend. I love sewing with wool, it is so easy to set sleeves. The vests were made in knit. On Deja Vu I used a fashion sweater knit which was extremely lightweight and lined it with an equally lightweight jersey. The open down the back which makes it easy to get the doll.