Doll size rulers

Set of CurvesYou might think this is taking it too far, but it really does help when drafting your own doll patterns. I started using my doll sized rulers about 2 years ago. At first I just printed them on some heavy card stock, and that was pretty good but they didn’t last that long. Next I bought some quilting template material at the fabric store. It wasn’t that heavy  about the same as the card stock. I glued a paper print out of the rulers to the plastic and then cut them out. That set of rulers lasted me up until now. I realized I would be handy to have 1/4-inch marks along the hip curves and new clean set rulers.

So I set about redrawing them from a scan of my old rulers. Who knows what I did with the original file? I always wonder how I can have 15 copies of a photo I don’t need and no copy of one I do. Same goes for the ruler file, it may be somewhere on my 3 hard drives but I’ll be darned if I can find it. [Read more…]