I love to Illustrate!

Finished with the new pattern illustrations! I really do love the process of illustration. I enjoy painting but find more and more that I am drawing and then using Adobe Photoshop to color the drawings. I like the fact that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake emily's pink surprise cover blogbecause  you can always undo your last few strokes. On this illustration of Emily’s Pink Surprise I also imported the fabric prints, which is so much easier than trying to paint them.

I learned to paint in school but we also used markers because it was faster.  I don’t use markers much now,  they are so expensive and the colors are limited. In the long run I usually use markers when the garment colors are basic or primary. Pink and orange are always difficult to match with markers.

I did most of my designing with markers until my company got us computers. Buster was a late adopter of computer art. We had a staff of talented artists and it was so much fun,  with all the art supplies and drawing tables in the art department. So much nicer than the grey cubicles we ended up in later. Today I have a very crowded workroom with only one small window which does make painting a challenge. Natural lighting is so important, something I don’t think I realized until I didn’t have much of it.

I’m working on getting some more of the sewing photos ready to put on Pinterest.