Doll size rulers

Set of CurvesYou might think this is taking it too far, but it really does help when drafting your own doll patterns. I started using my doll sized rulers about 2 years ago. At first I just printed them on some heavy card stock, and that was pretty good but they didn’t last that long. Next I bought some quilting template material at the fabric store. It wasn’t that heavy  about the same as the card stock. I glued a paper print out of the rulers to the plastic and then cut them out. That set of rulers lasted me up until now. I realized I would be handy to have 1/4-inch marks along the hip curves and new clean set rulers.

So I set about redrawing them from a scan of my old rulers. Who knows what I did with the original file? I always wonder how I can have 15 copies of a photo I don’t need and no copy of one I do. Same goes for the ruler file, it may be somewhere on my 3 hard drives but I’ll be darned if I can find it.

I’m glad I did redraw them as they are much nicer than my first batch. I printedGlue with tacky glue these out on 24lb bright white bond. I glued them down to some template material . I use some tacky glue stick. I wasn’t sure how well it would work but also didn’t want the glue to be so wet it would wrinkle the paper.

Well let me tell you it worked better than expected. The tacky glue really stuck to the plastic and set up fast. The next challenge was cutting them out. Not a big deal for the large size, but got harder the smaller the set became. I did note that it is easier to cut the inside of the French curve out first so you have a bigger pieCutting out curvece of plastic to hold on to. After I got them cut out they weren’t a smooth as I wanted, so I used a nail file so smooth the rough edges.

All in all a very successful project. I now have hip curves and French curves in 3 sizes. The largest is for my 22-inch dolls, the next is for 18-inch dolls and the last is for the 16-inch dolls. The 16-inch size also works for the smaller 8-14 inch child dolls.

So now all you have to do is make your own. You can get my file by clicking the link below. It prints out on 8.5 X 11 letter paper. If you don’t have template material like the stuff I used in this picture, you could try a lid off a plastic tub, or coffee can. You don’t need much. I will say the stuff I used this time seePaper curves glued to quit templatemed to have a little tooth to it. It wasn’t really slick. Another thing I though about using was one of those plastic cutting board/mats. As you can see I cut out the pieces before I glued them down. Hope you find them useful.
Doll Rulers


  1. Kathy Shute says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these rulers. Now to make them!

  2. Robin in Kansas says:

    These will be very helpful, indeed! You’re very generous to share them, thank you!