cold days are sewing days

It was too cold outside to garden so I stayed in and worked on my new Little Darling pattern. I am making her some short-alls, like BID Elin BIElin’s Weekend outfit. It hasn’t been smooth sailing. They do not have the same shape bodies so it isn’t just a size up. I’ve had three goes at make the pattern. Something was wrong with each version.

When I think about it, none of the patterns end up being just a straight size up. I heard a long time ago that Tyler Wentworth had exactly the  same body as American Model and you could up size the patterns by printing at 138% of the original size but I’ve never tried it. Have you had any luck with just sizing a pattern up or down?

I still need to up load all this to my website. It has been a lot of work trying to get this blog working right and then tying it all together. Lucky for me I found a wonderful web designer to help me out or I would still be working on that instead of doll clothes.

Tomorrow is Easter and I am looking forward to a big dinner with friends. Hope you have a wonderful Easter too!