My Emily

Emily's ShortallsReally, isn’t my Emily is the prettiest little girl? I never really think of her as a doll. She is so life-like. I finished this short-all outfit for her a few weeks ago, but just haven’t gotten around to setting up the kitchen photo studio. It is really an all-day project and I like to have a few outfits to work with before I go to all that work.

I mentioned on Facebook that I just got a Patsy/Anne Estelle doll off Ebay. As a few people told me she is close in size to my Iplehouse BID but not all the clothes I tried on her, fit well. She also could wear some outfits that I made for Leeann/Petite Ai, but not all. So I guess I will also be going thru all my outfits to see what fits her and take some pictures at the same time as I do my picture for Emily.

I really think Emily reminds me of a child from the 50’s and Pasty is from the 30’s or at least that is how I envision them. I have a great book by Dover of spot prints and there are little girl’s dresses pictured that I have always wanted to make so I have picked out 3 that I will be doing for Patsy, and maybe see how they work on BID.

I guess I picture Emily in a Dan River plaid dress with full petticoat or a pleated skirt and white blouse with knit vest and tame. Maybe I can work on those ideas soon. I would love it if you have some suggestions as to what  you would like to see me work on. Sometimes I get designers block and it seems like I have been suffering from it for the last month or two. Guess I had better get back to work now.

What’s in your sewing box?

sewing boxI was cleaning up my mess of a work table a few days ago because I got a new cutting mat that fit the whole space. You know how that goes, it can lead to a full day of cleaning and not just the big stuff but all the little stuff too. Which made me look at my sewing box. I seldom use it except for storage. It was funny to see all the stuff that seemed to make its way into to the box unintentionally.

I keep meaning to make some new garments for my Kish Riley, so there she sits with only her shoes on. I also have most of my embroidery scissors in this box. You can see the needle book I made while trying to come up with ideas. Mostly I don’t use this box, I keep most of my tools in a rolling artist draw set. The top is always stacked with the stuff I want to get out of my way. The rest of my most used tools are in a plastic basket and pencil cup.

Paper for patternmakingMy other favorite thing is my paper holder and paper. It is small being only about 18 inches. I got that from Uline in case you want one too. They come in many other widths. This white paper is far easier to draft patterns from scratch. Later when the pattern becomes a basic block, or the pieces are so small tracing around them it hard, I will put it on manilla which I buy from AtlasLevy.

Do you use a sewing box. Are you working in a sewing room? You can see one of my industrial swing machines in the background. I really need a bigger sewing room/studio. Mine is an attic space.

cold days are sewing days

It was too cold outside to garden so I stayed in and worked on my new Little Darling pattern. I am making her some short-alls, like BID Elin BIElin’s Weekend outfit. It hasn’t been smooth sailing. They do not have the same shape bodies so it isn’t just a size up. I’ve had three goes at make the pattern. Something was wrong with each version.

When I think about it, none of the patterns end up being just a straight size up. I heard a long time ago that Tyler Wentworth had exactly the  same body as American Model and you could up size the patterns by printing at 138% of the original size but I’ve never tried it. Have you had any luck with just sizing a pattern up or down?

I still need to up load all this to my website. It has been a lot of work trying to get this blog working right and then tying it all together. Lucky for me I found a wonderful web designer to help me out or I would still be working on that instead of doll clothes.

Tomorrow is Easter and I am looking forward to a big dinner with friends. Hope you have a wonderful Easter too!

Venice Beach

This was a pattern I did for Marley Wentworth maybe 7 years ago. MarleyI took all my old patterns down when I rewrote my website and started over. I was more interested in my new BJD’s than my old fashion dolls. It’s taken a while but I have come around again to the fashion dolls. I reviewed a lot of the old Tyler patterns and put them up last year. I’m also working on my American Model patterns. Then I had a few requests for Marley, so I have been reviewing her old patterns and that’s when I redid Venice Beach for her. You can see her there on the right with the orange Georgette top and white linen capris.

LonnieThat was a really cute pattern but I didn’t have any cute pictures of it, so I had to remake the outfit. I don’t know what happened to the original one. This time I took the photos on Alice and not Marley. I guess I have always liked her face better. Anyway, while I was at it I made the same outfit for my Iplehouse KID, Lonnie doll. She looks precious in the blue and white stripe cotton top and denim capris. Then I thought BID also needed the outfit in her size. Well you know how it goes, BID Elin isn’t that much smaller than Leeann so she got the outfit in her size. Once I did that I realized that Narsha was almost the same size as Lonnie so why not make the pattern for her. I love how Narsha’s turned out in the red and white. She looks pretty wild in matching red hair. Narsha

So in the end, I made the pattern for 5 dolls. You’ll have to go to the website to see Leeann and BID.

I know Betsy is just giving me the cold stare  because she isn’t that much bigger than Narsha, and thinks every time I make Narsha a new outfit she gets one too!