It looks like a Wicked White Winter

Blog3It feels like I have been working nonstop for the last 3 days. I guess it is just the computer stuff that seem to take for ever. My coding skills are improving, but I will never be expert. Stuff keeps changing and if you don’t continually kept at it the world wide web will just pass you by.

This little coat for Leeann turned out so cute. I was hoping it would be great on KID, but it was really too big. I think I will make it over for KID, BeJu and Lark next. Although, I am tired of sewing this fabric. It Blog2was a satin drapery fabric with a slub. I used it years ago when I did little girls fancy dresses for Martha’s Miniatures. I should have thought about the fraying before I chose it! Not easy to work with, but did look nice made up. The faux fur is about 1-inch at its longest and about 1/2 at the shortest fibers. It did have a very natural look. christmas1_2015

I made two more hooded coats out of this faux fur and satin. One is for my Parnilla Ghastly doll and the other is for my MSD size girls. They looks cute all together, I wish I had remembered to take a photo that way.

Left is the dress for the pattern The Devil’s in the Details. This strapless dress is from printed cotton, one of those fat quarters you find in just about all hobby and sewing stores. There is a vest that goes over this also made in cotton. I got the idea for this from some Japanese photos I saved.
The new Christmas pattern is finished. It’s the pink dress to the left for Evangeline Ghastly. I was late getting it out last year and I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to sew up a dress or two if the 18.5 Ghastly dolls are in your family. Just click the shop tab and it will take you to my website. Then go to the free stuff page.

Lucky Ellowyne

lucky3This is another pattern for Ellowyne Wilde by Wild Imagine. I saw this sleeve idea in Marie Clare magazine a while back. It just happened to go great with the Asian feel pants I made her a week or two ago from this picture (not sure what magazine I tore this out of). IMG_0878 Red Pants

Then as usual I couldn’t decide on what fabric and trims to use. I wanted to make an outfit with an Asian feel, but it  looked nautical after I finished the top so I just went for it and added a heat sealed anchor embroidery. Still I wanted a different look for this so I made it again with a print pant and a solid top with contrast stitching. The stitching really shows off the peekaboo sleeve seams and I really liked the way the color blocked belt turned out.

I still don’t think I got the Asian feel I was after, maybe if I tried it with a printed crepe de chine for the pants and a shiny jersey for the top.  This  always happens in design, even the best laid plans change as you start working. With my studio full of fabric I still didn’t have what I wanted. I need to remember to pick the fabric first then design to the fabric. I don’t know how I seem to forget this first rule of design.

Now that I am thinking about it,  I forgot to take pictures of this outfit on Delilah Noir. I always forget about that girl. She is really a great doll and poses so well. Her bigger feet help her stand on her own.  In case you don’t know she fits in all of Ellowyne’s clothes/patterns and if your looking for a great fashion doll for a young girl then she is a great choice and not as pricy as Ellowyne. I would love to repaint her face someday. I think she could use a little more color.



You might be wondering about the name. I was inspired by Ralph Lauren for this look so the name seemed to make sense. I wanted to continue working with my Tonner dolls, and in particular my new Déjà Vu Julia. I love her pretty face and open mouth, she is smaller through the ribcage than Antoinette, but they do wear about the same size. Antoinette or ever Tyler’s patterns could be altered to fit her without too much effort.  Even so, I made two patterns one of Déjà Vu and the other for Antoinette. These 1920’s style town/hunt outfits include patterns for the jodhpurs, jacket, vest, shirt, tie and hat.

It was especially fun designing and sewing these. I took a lot of sewing pictures of the blouse. So you can see some of the steps which are really the same as I use for making my own shirts and blouses. It makes the process so much easier and the end product will look much more professional.

I used lightweight fabrics for all the pieces with the ties being made of a Georgette.  The jacket and jodhpurs were made in wool or a wool blend. I love sewing with wool, it is so easy to set sleeves. The vests were made in knit. On Deja Vu I used a fashion sweater knit which was extremely lightweight and lined it with an equally lightweight jersey. The open down the back which makes it easy to get the doll.